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What Is Hypnosis

Hypnosis is also often associated with things supernatural, magical, mystical, occult, especially for the laity of Indonesia who are already familiar with such a paradigm. Hypnosis is not a magic. The phenomenon of Hypnotism (Trance) has nothing to do with magic or mysticism, but a mental state where one’s attention becomes highly focused and the Sub-Conscious Mind works more dominantly.

At the time of hypnotic conditions, people will be very susceptible to suggestions or influenced by others. The correlation between hypnosis and hypnotherapy is a method of treatment or therapy based on hypnosis.

Some circles up to this moment still many who think that Hypnosis or Hypnotism related to magic or mystic. And since 195Oan Hypnosis has been recognized by the British Medical Association (BMA), American Medical Associaton (AMA) and American Psychological Association (APA) that hypnosis as a formal therapy. Even many universities are open diploma programs and doctoral hypnosis.

The misunderstanding of misunderstandings about hypnosis can begin to be straightened out after the internet technology which began to be known by various layers of society. They begin to understand the concept of hypnosis work and can accept gradually to be used to overcome various problems that occur in life.

Many people think hypnosis is full mastery of thoughts over a person when in fact when the condition is absolute control of their own consciousness only the decision is on his self if you refuse means hypnosis suggestion will not be able to affect you. Someone who can be in a suspected condition is those who accept the invitation or allow it to happen to him/her.

The long history of hypnosis began when the traditional era of hypnosis where this period has been started since 4000 BC, at this time the hypnotic tea mingled in religious, medicinal and shamanic elements, paranormal world and gender expert. Then in the future with the era of magnetism and mesmerism, in this era of experts in his day believed that magnets have the power to heal people and in further development, mesmerism techniques are used for natural anesthesia in surgery.

After a period of mesmerism passed, in conventional times the experts assume that the phenomenon that occurs in magnetism is actually a nervous sleep phenomenon that can be done with induction, famous figures in this period include James Braid is famous for theory suggestion ideo-motor reflex and Sigmund Freud with his subconscious mind concept.

In the era of the still conventional tendency of many experts using an authoritarian approach than in a more modern era of hypnosis is more likely to use a more permissive approach where the client or considered able to do his own hypnosis and the therapist is a guide or facilitator.

So a kind of tutor master therapist guide who will guide someone to be able to do hypnosis techniques. Even in its development hypnosis condition can be achieved without having to sleep and can be done with conversation as usual. This makes the development of hypnotherapy as the development of hypnosis becomes increasingly growing rapidly.

Now hypnosis has become widely known and believed to help people overcome problems in human life

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