What Do You Really Want???....

Be clear, get help, and discover your goals

what do you really want to be, have or do... Just follow the steps below.


  1. What do you want?
  2. Please state your answer(s) in a positive manner. Make sure your answer is something you can control personally. Where, when, with whom do you want it and under what conditions?

      Your response:



        2. How will you know when you have reached your goal?

            What will you see?

            What will you hear? What will you tell yourself?

            How does it feel? warm, cold, rough, soft what is the environment like?

            Is there a smell or a taste?

        Your response:




         3. What will reaching your goal do for you and bring you?

         Your response:




         4, What actual benefits could you lose in getting your goal?

         Your response:


         5- What has been stopping your from having it until now?

            Please include what "had" been stopping you in the past and what "is" stopping you from having it now. 

          Your response:


         6- What resources do you have Now for reaching your goal?

         Your response:



         7. What additional resources do you need for reaching your goal?

         Your response



         8. What is the first step for starting your goal? Do it Now

         Your response:



         9. What is your time frame to achieve this goal?

         Your response:


 Name:                                             Phone #

e-mail address:                                  Best time to reach you:


putting the puzzle together

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