Negative emotional Traumas caused by accidents, war, fights, painful family situations, relationships,  or just life, can be reversed..

With NLP techniques and hypnosis we can address the deepest issues of trauma and fears, like:

  • If you have witnessed or been caught in the middle of violence, like abuse, crime, or war.
  • If you have been the victime of violence, we can help you diminish the emotional charge of it and regain your personal power. 
  • Flashbacks of violence
  • Nightmares
  • Startle reactions 
  • Mistrust in others
  • Uncontrollable accesses of fear
  • Phobias

Our Mission: To Empower People

"I’m amazed how NLP simple, respectful pointed questions can reach people, open their world, and remove most emotional charges from a past that still impairs their growth. I feel there is nothing NLP skills cannot help to address.“     Home     What is NLP      Issues       Contact us      Reserve

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