Why not make a masterpiece of your Live?

Developing your talents, achieving what you really want for yourself and the people around you.

 -- putting the puzzle together --

The initial program covers 3 sessions and includes a free 30-minute exploratory session: 

  • 1- 1 1/2  hours first session - includes the free exploratory session. 
  • 1 hour successive sessions.
  • Sessions are in persone at the Center, or coaching over the phone, 
  • e-mail communication may occur between sessions.
  • Investment is paid at the time of the agreement
  • Payments by checks, and credit cards through PayPal are accepted
  • Additional sessions can be scheduled at will.
  • Single Session available:     For issues which arise from time to time to solve a problem in special situations.

 After a few sessions, sometimes even after only one session, you may already notice that you are automatically expanding your thinking, notice small an big changes, and the effects they produce on your surroundings. You may also think of the difference it could have made, had you continued doing the same old behaviors day after day, year after year...



Fill out the questionnaire, e-mail or fax it back for a FREE one-hour exploration session

For more information please call -  (650) 365 0334 or 868 0914 .

or you may write  your questions in the contact-us section

Our Mission: To Empower People

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