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The purpose of this process is to provide you with a powerful experience of coaching. This process provides an opportunity to determine if this is a potential coaching relationship and if you want to be enrolled in the services.

Step 1: the Outcome, Purpose and Action Plan

what do you really want?”

First, draw three columns on a piece of paper. See below

Begin with the second column. Ask each of the questions listed in the figure below

Answer the questions in the third column. (15 to 25 compelling reasons why it is important to you.)

Imagine how you will feel when you have reached the outcome.

Asking the questions in the first column, complete a Massive Action Plan to which you could commit. Make sure that each action has a completion time.


Massive Action Plan

Result / Outcome


-What is your action Plan?


-What are the specific actions that you can, have to, want to, need to, absolutely must take in order for this to happen?

-What do you really want?

-What Outcome do You really want?


-What specific result are You committed to achieving and by When?

-Why do you want this?

-What is it going to give You?

-What else would it give You?

-Who will You become in the process?

-How will You feel when it is completed?

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