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"Avant de commencer les seances avec Nicole, je manquais de confiance en moi et cela rejaillissait sur mes raports dans la vie quotidienne. J'etais a un stade de ma vie ou j'avais besoin des conseils et de l'aide d'un expert.

En trois mois, travaillant avec Nicole, j'ai pu acquerir des techniques, me redecouvrir, m'apprecier et devenir un autre homme... l'homme que je souhaitais etre.... Au lieu de concevoir la vie comme un enchainement d'obstacles insurmontables, maintenant je concois la vie comme une succession d'opportunites de me depasser et d'apprendre en m'amusant. Mon couple va mieux et j'apprecie chaque instant...     Je remercie Nicole qui, grace a ses enseignements et a son experience a contribue a mettre en oeuvre cette dynamique de progres."

Alain P. Dec. 2009

Yan Budman on Facebook March 2009 

Nicole, thank you for your excellent NLP work last week. You are a true professional and I really felt a shift occur right away after your working with me, which I have been able to sustain since :)


I want to let you know how much your guided imagery sessions have meant. They have helped me stop long enough to think about what is happening, how the mind can understand it, and then take charge. I think my overall sense of confidence and belief in my unconscious to guide me when I "listen" to it will be a great source of strength and balance. Maybe that is what the Bible means when it says: "be still and know that I am God". You have awakened a part of myself that has been ignored or asleep. Thank you.   - Zelda.. 10/23/2010. 

Norman Morse , facebook recommendation

"Nicole is a perceptive, talented and caring NLP Master practitioner and coach.
She has assisted me in resolving some deep-seated issues, and did it quickly and skillfully. Having her as a training assistant during my practitioner training was a treat since she was always optimistic and ready with a fresh perspective."


When you work with Nicole, you don't really feel you are being coached. The sessions are like open and flowing conversations with a best friendyes she has a way of making you feel at ease when you open up. With her flexible yet structured, gentle yet certain guide, suddenly you see the light at the end of the tunnel, way sooner than expected.

She does not just stick to the book. What you get from her is a great mixture of knowledge, intelligence and experience. All the different facets of Nicole work together helping you untangle and unleash. Sometimes what she says makes you think for days, and finally realize how brilliant it is.

Nicole is funny too, without trying to be. And always something subtle and stylish, you've got to love a French Lady.  

Dianna Chung
Communication Specialist
Boyer Communications Group, Inc.
"Accelerating Action in Corporate Cultures"


Through my NLP studies, I have had the pleasure to know and many 
opportunities to work with Nicole Boulanger over the last year and 
more.  She is an incredible, attentive, compassionate, creative human 
being who is very adept at using her learned as well as inherent 
people skills to help and guide others in achieving their goals. I 
would very confidently recommend her services.

Marilyn I. Carmona, D.C.
Chiropractic Orthopedist
Chiropractic Neurologist
NLP Master and Health Practitioner
Smoking Cessation Specialist


September 15, 2008
Dear Nicole,
I wish to thank you so very much for your support, understanding, patience, and knowledge.  Our sessions have been such a tremendous help  and relief for me.
I look back and wonder how I ever survived years of worry (among other things). I now have learned there are solutions.  Your mannerisms, tone of voice, professionalism, put me at ease to communicate more freely with you.
I will gladly recommend you to any of my friends who could benefit from your service.     You  are an expert
Pat A.
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