Going through life with limiting beliefs is like being grounded for life …

They limits your actions and talent expressions, and they will continue to do so for the rest of your life unless you find a way to transform them.

There is not really one recipe because we are all different; like Deepak Chopra said: “We are different because we walked through different gardens and knelt at different tombs.”

But if you really want to come to term with your limiting beliefs, a few principles are the same …

1- you have to notice them and that may be one of the most difficult task, because we are so accustomed to being who we are, that it feels strange to imagine there could be another way

So the first thing is to develop an inquiring mind or rely on a more criticizing part of us, or just find a friend, to make you notice when those limiting beliefs could be occurring.

When you think or hear yourself make an absolute statement like: “I couldn’t do that!.. or have that … or be like that!..” and at the same time you have a sense that if you did, your life may be more enjoyable

You may ask: “could that be a limiting belief?” ???

Where does that come from? When did I decide to have this belief? When did I make that decision?

We may be surprised sometimes, how early in our life, how little we were when we made that life decision -- which was totally justified at the time -- but doesn’t serve us anymore, and still dictates our actions…

2- Now your new question is: “Do I want to keep it, transform it, or replace it?”

Once you have this, the rest becomes easy, smooth, clear, because you have done the most important for your transformation, as you may have heard, the diagnosis is 80% of the solution.

When we really pay attention, we all discover that we carry many of those beliefs. The first step toward transformation and the best way to start would be to make a list of them. A few may fall in a same category. The more you find, the longer the list, the happier you may become.

Awareness leads you to know who you are and love it!

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