Change your thinking, learn a few strategies, change your life...

If you want to 

  • strengthen and enhance useful habits you already practice
  • install new ones of your choice
  • consolidate and make following your discipline easier

If you are experiencing

  • stress, feeling overwhelmed
  • fears and anxiety
  • grief, loss, sadness
  • anger, guilt or shame
  • uncertainty created by environment changes

If you want to regain your personal power,

  • release your stopping blocks
  • manage fear of failure, of succes, and self-sabotage
  • transform automatic responses

If you want to

  • stop smoking
  • change your eating / drinking habits
  • improve your health
  • decrease the effect of allergic sensivities

Integrating NLP technology, Hypnotherapy and Energy Work, Mind & Health Coaching Group  can help you enhance your performances, increase your natural gifts as well as release and manage stress, reverse unwanted habits.

Newer technologies  -  Faster results

Putting the pieces of the puzzle together,  you'll be able to re-balance the various areas of your life, building healthy self-esteem and confidence, guiding you achieve the purpose that gives a sense of well being.  I’m always amazed how NLP simple, respectful unexpected pointed questions can reach people, open their world, and remove most emotional charges from a past that still impairs their growth. I feel there is nothing NLP skills cannot help to address.“  NB


A unique trauma like car accident, fire, fall. etc.. a phobia, even a life-long phobia like fear of snakes, spiders, etc .. most often 


Stopping smoking, changing eating habits may require 2 single sessions ...

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Find out how to enroll in sessions personalized just for you...  

 Our Mission: To Empower People 

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