In order for your Business to be Worth the Worship

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In order for your Business to be Worth the Worship

The term “sustenance has been set up” this may have so often you hear. But do you really believe it? Business is nothing but a middleman, so do not ever feel powerful to bring sustenance. Believe that sustenance comes from God and does not come from the undertakings. Then how to make your business worth worship? [For Your Business Worth A Worship]

Have True Intentions

First, you need to make sure is a matter of intent, because it is the intention that determines everything. With sincere intentions, all work can be worth worship. The right intention, for example, to keep yourself from asking for demands, to participate in meeting the needs of the community, to provide halal employment opportunities for others.

Not eating other people’s treasures. As much as possible avoid activities that cause harm to others such as price camouflage, hide product defects, speculate hoard goods,

Intend the effort to the common good, for example, self-respect, employees, family, community, and others. So, the effort is not just aimed at piling up personal property.

Blessing and Halal Business

Business is not just profit or loss, but it is halal or haram. Everyone would not want it if the blood of his flesh grows from illicit goods. Nor can they want to feed the family from a haram source. So is a businessman who works with many people, should not feed the family from a haram source because of the consequences not only in the world but also in the afterlife. Always be careful in doing business, like the words of the Prophet “every meat that grows from illicit goods, then hell is more entitled to him”

The Pursuit of Blessing

How often do we hear or say hope for our lives to be blessed, whether it be in age, family, work, and others? However, have you ever asked, what exactly is meant by that blessing? The meaning of blessing is literally (increase), (exist) and (established). The blessing is a matter of soul feeling, difficult to measure with modern physical measuring instruments.

However, the blessing indicators can be perceived and seen through improving the quality, quantity, and productivity of a person’s work. All endeavors in developing the business that is being undertaken it would be legitimate to do. But it is better if the endeavor is balanced with the aim to achieve blessing.

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