How To Strengthen Mentally Weak

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How To Strengthen Mentally Weak

How to strengthen mentally.

Have you ever been shaking when speaking in public? Or do you experience a lot of cold sweat while doing a presentation in front of the class? Some of these things indicate that you have a weak mentality and lack of confidence. it is a form of self-power in the face of circumstances.

Mental is very closely related to self-confidence, this happens because people who have a weak mentality will have low self-esteem, as well as vice versa. Yet we know that today we have high confidence is very important, with confidence we will be able to pass all the challenges of life in this world to succeed.

For example, when you will face a company’s job interview, when our mental weakness and also less confidence, will make us nervous when dealing directly with the interviewer work, the end result is definitely disappointing. But it will be different if we have a strong mentality, we will be able to answer all interviewer questions with a loud and confident that can convince them to hire ourselves.


Characteristics of People Who Have Mentally Weak

So what are the factors that can determine a person weak mentality or not? To know someone mentally weak or we can not see the actions and their body language is almost the same as the characteristics of people not confident. Instead, you are curious, just look at the signs and characteristics of the following weak mentors.

  • Rigid and difficult to settle for change
  • Difficult to control your own emotions
  • Fear of risk
  • Often make mistakes because of nervousness
  • Always wait for others to take steps first
  • Want an instant path without any process
  • Following the steps were taken by others
  • Always worry about other people’s opinions, and
  • Jealous of the success others get.

How to Strengthen Mental Self

Perhaps the reason why you are mentally weak is that not trained mentally from an early age. Mental training from an early age will be faster when compared to when you train mentally in adulthood. But just calm down, it does not mean you can not strengthen mentally as an adult, it just takes effort and hard work more than at an early age.

  • For how to strengthen the weak mentality, do some mental training to be brave and confident following.
  • Identify your Discomfort

In exercising a weak mentality for the first self-confidence you have to do is to find your sense of discomfort. Excavate the taste, after finding it then throw it away. By doing so, you will find peace in the mind so that it can easily train mentally.

Be yourself

We live in this world do not take steps that have been done by others, be yourself, because it will build a strong mentality to yourself.

Show Capabilities You Have

Every human being always has a hidden talent in him, all you have to do is to develop the talent to become an ability. By having the capital of self-ability will facilitate you in mental train to be more daring and confident.

Exercises Talking to People Much

If you always feel nervous and nervous when talking to each other, the right mental exercise for you to do is to socialize with many people. Socializing face-to-face with many people will train your mind to be strong to be able to be calm while speaking in public.

Do not Fear Failure

Those who fear failure will never get success in life. Failure will undoubtedly be experienced by every human being, but do not make it a reason for trying new things.

Do not Just Stand Alone

Silence will only keep you at the starting line, only those who dare to take the steps that will achieve success. Mental can only be honed with experience rather than with knowledge. Do not just keep quiet, but brave to move forward.

That’s some mental strengthening tips that you can try to do, indeed in getting the things we want in this life will not run easily and directly achieved. All still need intention, effort, and hard work to achieve it. So also with mental self-training, if you have done the above actions well, then gradually you will get a strong mentality.

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