How To Easily Hypnotherapy On Yourself / Self Hypnosis

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How To Easily Hypnotherapy On Yourself / Self Hypnosis

How to Hypnotherapy Yourself – Hypnotherapy technology is now very mushrooming in Indonesia, all this can not be separated from efforts in introducing hypnotherapy to the community since 2007. This is coupled with the benefits of hypnotherapy are many such as increasing self-confidence, cope with stress, treat addiction, lose weight, or just for relaxation.

Its use is easy because it uses self-hypnosis (self-hypnotherapy). This method is very easy and practical because it only requires you without the help of a therapist and also does not need to come to the place of hypnotherapy. Nevertheless, there are still problems because of the many people who have not been able to do self-hypnosis correctly.


For that, we will give easy tips to do hypnotherapy on yourself. Here are some ways you can do self-hypnosis.


1. Look for a Quiet and Comfortable Place

In doing the most important hypnotherapy is in a state of calm for self-hypnosis that you do work optimally. To get this quiet can be done by finding a quiet and comfortable place not much disturbance. Such a place will help calm your mind so that it helps in doing hypnotherapy.


2. Position the Body in a Comfortable Condition

Once you find a comfortable and quiet place to do hypnotherapy, the next thing to do is to position the body in as comfortable as possible. Choose a position that you feel comfortable that helps you more easily in doing self-hypnosis.


3. Close Your Eyes and Relax

Close your eyes and make your body relax and relax. Eliminate all negative emotions that interfere with your minds such as anxiety, sadness, worry, and others because the key to success in doing hypnotherapy is to be calm and relax both body and mind.


4. Organize your breathing

Take control of your breathing, take a deep breath and try to hold it for 3 seconds then release. Do this activity repeatedly because it can help you in reducing brain waves from beta to alpha (brain waves alert to brain waves relax) that will facilitate you in doing self-hypnosis.


5. Eliminate Your Own Tension

In doing breathing control should also be coupled with a relaxed state of the body. Make a feeling of calm and relaxation that you feel flowing through your body from head to toe.


6. Enter the Deeper Relaxation Thoughts

Once your body and mind have calmed down the next step is to try to enter into the deeper mind of relaxation. To make it easier to do so you can do it by listening to hypnotherapy audio accompanied by some enthusiastic input or if you are Muslim can read Albaqarah letter 286.


7. Follow the Stream In Your Relaxation

When you have reached the deepest relaxation it indicates that you have been able to enter the subconscious. Enjoy the sensation you get, follow the flow and do not wake up from it. Under this condition, you are able to include suggestions to improve your own ability.


8. Prepare To Build

Once you feel satisfied and enough in doing self-hypnosis, then it’s time to end the process of hypnotherapy is done. Imagine you swim on the surface of the beautiful blue water and the sunlight is slowly shining on the body. count from one to ten, feel you are getting back in a conscious state as the numbers increase.


9. Open Your Eyes

In the conscious state do not directly to open the eyes, but open your eyes slowly and make sure there is a pause. After opening your eyes do not forget to give thanks to God. Congratulations you have successfully done Hypnotherapy for yourself / Self Hypnosis.

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