How to Drive the Consumer Heart in Seconds

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How to Drive the Consumer Heart in Seconds


Do you often meet someone who buys something not because of the usefulness of a product, but rather because of the fun factor? It shows that although humans are equipped with logic most of the decisions he chooses are based on subjective and emotional considerations. Apparently, there is a way to move the hearts of consumers. What is it?


Decisions Based on First Impressions


In many situations, the first impression is so decisive. So also in the business world, the first impression created by the seller strongly determines the existence of the transaction. A positive first impression becomes one of the main tasks of businessmen to bring in many customers. When the first meeting gives a pleasant impression of the prospect, it is not possible if the consumer will come again.


They Are Always Looking For What Works


“People do not care about your business. They care about their problems. In reality, people are generally always looking for something useful. So it’s important for you to focus on what they want. Instead, do not focus too much on what you have. In order for your customers to quickly make a purchase, you need to use the art of communicating to persuade your potential customers.


Importance of Product Label or Packaging


When you go to a shopping center, pay attention to the product packaging that is sold there. Starting from the packaging of food, beverages, cosmetics, electronic goods, and so forth. Almost all attach importance to the aesthetic element of packaging. Creating an attractive label requires its own art. Product labels create a perception for consumers. By improving the image quality of the products offered, your sales will increase.


When labeling a product, it’s as if we are suggesting to buyers that buyers believe in the label on the product. Thus, labeling the product will also determine whether or not the product is purchased, even within seconds.

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