How To Be Confident In Public Speaking

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How To Be Confident In Public Speaking

how to confidently speak publicly, – Do you often feel nervous and groggy when speaking in public, your feet and hands are always shaking and often can not express themselves freely through movement or speech.

This can be a sign that you are actually less confident, you need to know without confidence will make a person becomes nervous and nervous when doing something, especially when doing things related to the crowd like giving a speech or greeting in public.

Then how to be confident to speak in public? There are so many factors that can make you become confident in public like appearance or ability to speak. But it is all just external factors, the most important is the internal factor from within yourself is your mindset (mindset).

So all you have to do is to improve the mindset and also increase the ability in the external factors mentioned above. Here we will tell you some ways you can improve your mindset and improve the ability of external factors to be confident when speaking in public as follows.


Strengthen Mental

The first thing you should do to be confident in speaking in public is to strengthen your mind/mental. Do not be a coward and see that you are more inferior than others. It is this kind of mindset that makes you mentally weak and lacks confidence when speaking in public.

Waste away from that mindset, from now on replace it with the mindset that everyone is the same. Not only you who have shortcomings, others themselves also have shortcomings. If they alone can, why can not you, rest assured that God is just in creating man. So do not feel low and weak to others.

Positive thinking

Develop your positive thinking skills and be assured that you are capable of doing them. Eliminate your fear and failure within yourself and replace it with a positive mind, you can do it by suggesting something like “I can definitely”, “it’s so easy”. Doing so will enable you to be confident of speaking in public.

Be yourself

Never try to be confident in trying to be someone else, you are yourself and not someone else. If you try to be someone else it is just a lie to yourself. Back to the discussion on the first point, believe that everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages. Be yourself and show the people your strengths.

Do not be Afraid of Mistakes

Do not be afraid to make mistakes when speaking in public, even a well-known motivator must have made a mistake while running a seminar. Remember people are not perfect beings they also still escape from mistakes, you have to do is not afraid of mistakes, but how to minimize the error.

Neat and polite appearance

As already described above the appearance is indeed one factor that can cause you to be confident. Most people judge a person now by his appearance alone, so with you, a neat and polite look will make them judge you like you are. This you can make an additional point in being confident to speak in public.

That’s it how to be confident to speak in public.

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