gets you out of your box

Statistics show that less than 10% of us live the life we want... Just because of the way we think!

change your thinking, change your life

Think of all you could be, do, and have, if you could free yourself from your self-imposed limitations, conscious and unconscious


can get you there 

Our purpose is to guide and support you on your journey, in all aspects of life, from behaviors, effective strategies, values and beliefs, Identify levels, to unveiling the strength of your Higher Self.

  We are successful at enhancing your performances, reversing unwanted behaviors, limiting beliefs, including those born from past traumas that still stop you from achieving your goals and desires


 Integrating Neuro Linguistic Programming technology, (NLP) Hypnotherapy, and Energy Work allows for Faster Durable Results.


OUR VISIONA World of Self- Empowered People

  OUR MISSIONTo educate and guide people to reach their ultimate purpose and live a happier and more fulfilling  time on Earth. 

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                   e-mail us at  info@mindhc.com

Call for more information and reserve your time

(650) 365 0334 or cell (650) 868 0914

Woodside Wellness Center 

959 Woodside Road, Redwood City, CA



Nicole Boulanger Your Coach and Sponsor 

Contact us for your free 30 minute exploratory session 


YOUR BENEFITS  Harmony vs.Stress

You learn to change your moods without medication

Reach deep capabilities and talents you had forgotten you had

Own skills that allow you to manage successfully any event coming into your private or social life

Have the satisfaction to live your own life, following your own values

Open your heart, improve your relationships. Feel connected to the world

Unveil your True Self, live your Life's purpose

Contact us for your free 90 minute exploratory session.

For you, it is an experience of coaching 

For you and me, a chance to find out if we want to ally together in the design of  a powerfull structure and support that will keep you moving toward your dream future 

About our style 

Professional, skilled, enthusiastic, supportive, flexible and open, Nicole is funny too, without trying to be 

I felt heard, safe

she has a way of making you feel at ease when you open up.

I would very much recommend Nicole and Mind & Health Coaching Group

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