Healthy Way To Express Anger

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Healthy Way To Express Anger

You must know Hulk, a monster that appears when anger dominates a person. Hulk is the persona that is in everyone, hidden behind the folds of emotion controlled by consciousness.

The green monster appears when your consciousness is no longer able to curb it in the wilderness when you can not accept a situation that does not match expectations.

Anger is an expression of unpleasant emotions, fueled by your emotional response to situations that develop inside and outside of you. You can be angry because you are disappointed that you can not reach the planned work targets or there is no match between performance and expected results. Anger can also appear as a form of self-defense reaction.

Quickly die of anger

Anger is a very human thing, not always bad. Uncontrolled anger, however, can lead to health problems – headaches, digestive problems, insomnia, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, skin problems like eczema, to fatal heart attacks and strokes.

Medically, unmanaged anger can lead to an uncontrollable increase in neurotransmitters, one of which is the increase in adrenaline. When angry, the adrenal glands flood your body with stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol), then your brain will transfer blood from the intestine to the muscles to prepare for physical contact.

Your heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature rise and sweaty skin. Your mind will become sharper and focused, constantly stress chemicals flooding the body. Changes in metabolism that accompanies your anger will eventually cause damage to the system in the body. “If your adrenaline is ‘allowed’ to rise wildly, the result will be a variety of physical disturbances.

For example, hypertension (high blood pressure), palpitations (heart rate strengthening), Adhikari (rapid heartbeat), shortness of breath, headache, or stomach and digestive disorders, “said Dr.Danardi Sosrosumihardjo Sp.KJ (K), a clinical psychiatric specialist at Premier Jatinegara Hospital. Not just self-destructive, uncontrollable anger can also damage your social relationships – make you a shunned figure, just like the Hulk.

Make it healthy.

Not that you have to bury anger every time. It’s not healthy either. “Psychologically, expressing anger or disappointment is an individual’s subconscious ventilation to release the emotional burden that is likely to burden him when constantly buried,” said Dr.Danardi.

“If you are an explosive type, you will tend to release anger uncontrollably and destructively,” said Dr. Denard again. But if you are mature personality, anger can be expressed in a controlled way, with a flat tone, even the occasional still can make humor, without emotional outbursts.

Each person has a different self-control mechanism, depending on the type of self. If your self-control is weak, then what happens is aggressiveness, where anger both physically and verbally goes out of the blue.

But if you’ve been trained to be patient, internal mechanisms inside you can also dampen outbursts of emotion and are not hooked to act aggressively. To vent anger in a healthy way, all you need to do is manage your anger. When angry, take control of yourself, read the tips below – then get angry.

> Hold the reaction. If your anger has reached the top, try to pause and do nothing. Impulsive actions will only cause regret later on.

> Identify. Try to take a deep and deep breath, then exhale slowly, feel your anger and then identify your feelings. This identification is useful for choosing whether your anger is objective or subjective.

> Keep using logic. Angry in an adult way, take advantage of your brain language and then express it in clear and informative verbal language. Avoid destructive (destructive) muscular language, confrontational (fighting), or attacking, which in turn will only lead to the anger of others.

> Illustrate your anger. Sometimes anger still lingers in your heart even if you already use brain language and can be accepted by others. If so, this is the time for you to vent. The simplest and healthiest way is to cry.

But do it in a hidden place. Or if you feel too manly to cry, try to vent it with exercise, such as golf, tennis, table tennis, volleyball, badminton and other sports that make us move with an object.

> Change self-perception. If all of the above does not work, all you have to do is change your mindset. Embed your positive thoughts in yourself, suppose there are more important things you should do than be angry.

For example, by saying positive self-suggestions such as “Losing does not mean losing” or “Instead of wasting energy on this one, I’d better do something more useful”.

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