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What is a Coach?

Everyone wants to live an ideal dream life, or achieve certain goals set in front of us, don't we. The fastest path to whatever we want to improve, transform, or change in our life, is to find help and trust a qualified person: a Coach. An impartial coach will elicit your innate qualities, guide and support you to attain your goals more quickly and harmoniously.

Historically, successful people have known how essential hiring a coach was.  The most renowned Coaches have first been in the sport arena. It was unthinkable for an athlete champion to be without a coach. Since that time, the concept of Coaching has expanded to the areas of business, time management, self development, and health, at all levels of life, from behavior and habit change to unveiling your identity, life purpose, and Higher Self. 

Why would I need a Coach?

Sometimes, when we are in the middle of life's action, it's difficult to see, evaluate, have a sense of the whole situation and the implications of our choices.

An attentive Coach listens to you, is like a bouncing board, an impartial team member; he follows your agenda, offering support and promoting accountability.

When do I want a Coach?

You want a coach to help you sort out complex situations. When you have to make cross road choices and want to make sure that your decisions reflect your values and beliefs on the long run. You want a coach when you want to improve what you already do well,  to reach your next level harmonioulsy. You may want a coach to overcome and transform painfull episodes in your life.

What does a Coach do?

Totally respecting your values and situation, a Coach takes you from the present challenge (where you may feel stuck) to your desired position, eliciting new ideas and resources. A coach forces you to be sincere with yourself, weighing the positive and negative consequences of available choices and makes you find out how much you really want to improve, transform, or change your life from now on.

At sponsor level, your coach allows you to expand, unveil, and evolve your own Self.....  

How can an NLP/Hypnotherapist coach help me even more?

 A Coach who masters NLP and Hypnotherapy tools has more direct, elegant ways to promote changes, he can help you re-discover your strengths, formulate new strategies, view new perspectives, overcome obstacles and unconscious road blocks that weigh on your spirit.


 An NLP trained coach can also address deeper issues, like:

  • deep fears and phobias
  • allergies

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