The contract or alliance you make with your Coach


By deciding to work with a coach, you choose to take charge of your life. Coaching is not like consulting or therapy. It is not giving you advice or providing expertise. Throughout our coaching relationship, I will assume that you are the expert on your life, that you have the answers. I will ask direct questions that relate to what is going on with you. I will ask you to take action when you have chosen an objective, and I will hold you accountable for the actions that you commit to. We will work as a team to create a coaching alliance that will help you stay focused and move forward toward your chosen goals.

Coaching will be challenging and rewarding. I ask only that you bring yourself to each call exactly as you are. You may be confused, excited, frustrated, proud of yourself or your actions, angry, delighted, fearful or any of a thousand other states of mind. Coaching is about all of you, about how the whole system operates. By looking at yourself honestly and without judgment we can explore how your thoughts and actions serve or limit you. You can create more choices that enrich your life.

Later, our intake appointment will be scheduled, at which time we will design a coaching relationship to best meet your needs. We will use the assessment to take a snapshot of how you feel about several areas of your life at this moment. We will discuss the primary focus you want to hold for the initial three months of coaching, and we will discuss the values that define who you are. You may choose to fill out the attached pages before our appointment and fax them or e-mail them to me. We can also complete them during our appointment.

We’ll be talking soon!  

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For you, this Complimentary Session will be an experience of coaching and for you and me a chance to find out if we want to work together to design a powerful structure and support to keep you moving forward to the future you dream of.

Nicole Boulanger,

Mind & Health Coaching Group

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