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Professional, skilled, enthusiastic, supportive, flexible and open, Nicole is funny too, without trying to be 

I felt heard, safe

she has a way of making you feel at ease when you open up.

I would very much recommend Nicole and Mind & Health Coaching Group


Nicole Boulanger

 Fluent in both French and English languages.

Actually practicing as Life and Health Coach, helping people enhance their natural gifts and skills, overcoming their limitations, putting the puzzle of their life togther, building a foundation for the rest of their life.

I’m amazed how NLP simple, respectful, unexpected, pointed questions can reach people, open their world, and remove most emotional charges from a past that has been impairing their growth.  I'm also amazed how going deep into the Self and following their imagination, people can reach and solve deep, most of the times unknown blocks and fantasms that have barred them from reaching their goals.

Having been brought up during war time and its aftermaths in France, I’m particularly sensitive to war exceptional traumas and their after-effects in people‘s lives".

I feel there is nothing that NLP technology, blended with hypnotherapy, and energy skills cannot address and resolve.“  

To find out how to enroll in sessions personalized just for you. Please call (650) 365 0334 or (650) 868 0914 Nicole Boulanger

Coming from a French and American business background, Nicole Boulanger graduated from the NLP California Institute as an NLP Master Practitioner in 1993, and obtain her NLP Health Certification in 1996. She studied Hypnotherapy skills at the Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy in 1994. She was part of the Anthony Robbins Santa Clara team and a French translator at the Anthony Robbins “Date with Destiny” week training in San Diego, CA. She has also been a regular coach consultant at the NLP Institute of California training team, assisting in the Practitioner, Master Practitioner, and Health Certification applying NLP technology to health issues. She added a coaching certification in 2008 and special NLPCA hypnosis certification in 2009. She has been teaching NLP to young students at the spring Stanford "Splash" event. The title was "Learn to know your brain and how to use it", and offer a regular workshop on "Communication, Guided Imagery, Health and Relaxation". Future workshops include: "Fast track communication skills", "How to shine in a job interview", "How to deal with stress in an uncertain economy"

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