6 Ways to Overcome Excessive Nervous

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How to overcome excessive nervous

6 Ways to Overcome Excessive Ground Flavor – How to overcome excessive nervous (Groggy).

It is undeniable that we must have experienced what the name is nervous / groggy / grogi, whether it’s going to do things for the first time, doing something important, or when it should appear in public. This nervous feeling is formed from our fear of failure or inability to do so well.

Nerveus is a natural thing for humans, who the hell never experience groggy when the first time tried? If anything, that does not mean they do not have a nervous feeling, it’s just maybe because of her broken shaft. It is not natural that you experience excessive Nerveus / groggy and continuous and even difficult to remove, even though you’ve done these activities over and over again.

Grogginess is a form of negative feelings in humans that will have a negative impact on your activities, even though nervous is not included in the category of harm. However, the consequences will greatly affect your future and your success.


The biggest effect of your nervous feeling is, where you will forget what you are about to say, forget what you have prepared, tremble and feel nervous when doing everything that can lead to failure. You definitely do not want a career and the success is broken just because of groggy/nervous.

Then how to overcome excessive groggy? To overcome the nervousness you need is a strong mental and high self-esteem, then proceed by doing the following actions.


6 Tips to Overcome Excessive Nerveus / Groggy :


1. Mentality

The first thing to do is to train mentally to be strong, able to accept and do everything. This will have an impact on your readiness in receiving results, which will have an impact on the ease of overcoming the nervous feeling.


2. Self Confidence

The level of confidence you have is very influential on your nervous feelings. Try to increase your confidence in yourself so you can eliminate these nervous feelings.


3. Doing Preparation First

Although it is supported by a strong mental and confidence does not mean that the person is free from nerves, it happens usually because they are less to make preparations. To face something to come, it would be better if we prepare everything needed, then do not forget also to practice first in order to get maximum results.


4. Changing Perceptions

Perception is what you think of yourself, if your perception is bad, yes, of course, the results are also bad. Many people who feel nervous because of their own perception, they feel that they are weak, stupid, fail, which will eventually create a higher groggy feeling. If you want to overcome that nervous feeling, all you have to do is to change your perception of yourself for the better.


5. Postive Thinking

Do not think negatively about the results and actions you take, but think positively that you can achieve success and succeed. Negative thoughts will only make you fall more in a nervous feeling, change with positive thoughts so that you will be sure of yourself.


6. Familiarize yourself

One of the fastest ways to deal with groggy feelings is to familiarize yourself with the situation. For example, often to be the main actor when you are with friends, be a person who can start the conversation, do not stutter, control the course of the conversation, and able to behave well in front of them. By doing so, you will have good capital skills in coping with nervous feelings.


In achieving a goal in life there is nothing easy, fast, and immediately achieved. Everything requires hard work, intention, and effort to achieve satisfactory results. Similarly, the way to overcome the excessive groggy feeling.

If you all of the above-mentioned actions very well, then gradually through a process you will be able to overcome these nervous feelings.

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