5 Basic Customer Needs You Need to Know

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5 Basic Customer Needs You Need to Know

Speaking of customers, we are talking about people whose role is very important to the survival of your business. They come to you not without purpose. They want to meet their needs. They want the best service. Here are 5 basic customer needs you need to know.


Friendliness is the most basic of all customer needs. Showing hospitality in front of customers can be done with a friendly welcome with potential customers to be your customers. Without questioning the status of the seller or the customer, we all certainly like to be treated kindly and sincerely. A customer should be more deserving of friendly treatment because they give many benefits to your business.

Understanding and Empathy

It’s good that a person who offers or sells products to customers can put themselves in their shoes. How customers want to be treated is not different from how you want to be treated by others. To be able to fulfill the rights of customers, give empathy and understanding to them.


Everyone wants to be treated fairly. No one likes to be number two. Customers who are also human beings can get annoyed when they do not get something that they are entitled to. Especially if they already spend a fee.

Choice and Alternative

Customers have the right to feel they have ‘another way’ to get what they want. A person who serves customers realizes that they may not always be able to provide something that the customer is looking for. Therefore, it could not hurt to provide options and alternatives to customers.


Customers need to get an education about a product. Rather than just offering or selling, it’s best to tell customers about your products and services and why they ‘should buy.’ From the beginning, realize that your customers have valuable time. Therefore they do not want to waste precious time by guessing the superiority of a product or service. Provide them with easily accessible media information.

To be able to meet the basic needs of your customers, do the sales process that suits their needs.

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