Mind & Health Coaching Services  get you out of your box

Are you suffering from Unwanted Habits that Spoil your Life?

Without negative judgment or drug side effects ...

  • Reverse and eliminate unwanted habits. like smoking, drinking, nail biting, eating too much either  bread, sugar ... or many others... that stop you from being who you really want to be in your own life.

Come and experience the magic of   how we use our brain!



(650) 365 0334 or (650) 868 0914 cell 

or email at  mindhealthcoaching@gmail.com




How many sessions shall I need? an average of 2 sessions, depending on the underlying support of the habit.

How can it be solved so fast? Using the new technology of NLP (Neuro-linguistic-programing) and Hypnotherapy.

What is NLP? Based on the study of how we store information in our brain to experience life, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) - which I call -Now Let's Play- are simple, fast, effective, playful and often fun to practice techniques. They give more rapid results, and are so simple, you can teach them to your friends, and children.



    e-mail: mindhealthcoaching@gmail.com

      Call for more information and reserve your time

(650) 365 0334 or cell (650) 868 0914



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